Firefox add-on

Extend the right-click context menu with the ability to take content from a web pages. Create the post quickly and easily and send it to diaspora* from every web page.

installable version: 0.16.2
install (require Firefox 57+)

latest version: 0.17.0


Due to a bug on AMO, the addon has become unrecoverable and cannot be updated. The version that can be installed by AMO is 0.16.2 while the 0.17.0 update can only be installed in debugging mode by downloading the code from GitHub. The guide below refers to this update that differs for some little improvements and introduce the 'Save content' feature.
The addon still appears to work on current versions of Diaspora but will definitely cease to work when Diaspora introduces the new openID API. In that case I will try to publish a new version on AMO with a different identifier which will not update the old version but will have to be installed from scratch.

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